5 Reasons to Hire a Professional Photographer

Photography has become a craze these days even more so since selfies have become possible on cell phones. No wonder! Who does not wish to make memorable moments eternal including PM Narendra Modi? There are some things that happen just once in a lifetime, like weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, meeting someone and so on. One has to satisfy oneself with selfies and cell phone photography on unplanned occasions. We are all aware of the kinds of results; sometimes, the head is not covered on the screen, sometimes, the most important person does not fit into the scene, sometimes, the light fails and faces are unrecognizable and many such flaws are likely. Once, I was seated on horseback and someone clicked my photograph. Somehow, he missed the horse entirely and people ask me what I was doing in such a strange suspended position! So at least, when occasions are planned, one must opt for a professional photographer.

On planned occasions, one feels that there are so many friends possessing good cameras or even cell phones that suit good photographic attempts. So why spend that extra amount on a professional photographer? One would rather have some extra photographs in the same budget, locking the memories of an event in detail.

Every event has a budget and one may make a compromise elsewhere but hiring a professional photographer is advisable and it certainly does not affect the budget too much.

professional photography

Why should you hire a professional photographer?

  1. The person who is responsible for clicking the photographs does not appear in the photographs. He may wish to be part of some scenes, but he misses them. If he requests somebody else to take his place temporarily, the other may be too bad at photography and a crucial moment is permanently blurred.
  2. Sometimes, one single person cannot click all the photographs; when photographers change in the course of a single event, there is no link, there is no chronology. A professional photographer captures an entire event in a systematic way, aware that the images will be chronologically arranged in the album. Such a systematic collection adds sense and meaning to the event. Sometimes, a creative photographer identifies a suitable theme related to the event and highlights it in his collection of photographs.
  3. One should not compromise quality for quantity. A host of photographs taken haphazardly during an event and having poor quality are of no use. Let there be a limited number but of good quality.
  4. A professional photographer has the necessary tools, a good camera; he can adjust the angle, distance, lighting, colours, shades and all minor details to create the best effects. He knows which event is to be shot from the top of a staircase, which requires a close shot and so on.
  5. The work of a professional photographer does not end with clicking images; photography is a skill and an art. These days, every professional photographer takes advantage of computer tools for editing the photographs. Adjusting distances, touching up faces, adding bindis, erasing unwanted lines and dark spots, changing shades of colours etc. can create magical effects and enhance the look of photographs!

Seeing a collection of good photographs is always satisfying. It awakens the right happy memories in the mind. Hence, it is wiser in the long run to hire a professional photographer.

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