Product Photography For E-commerce Companies

Advertisements and websites are the two main channels that are explored by companies to sell their products. Innovations and strategies are designed within these chief areas. Advertisements can be audio-visual, but they are expensive. Hence, both ads and websites exploit the visual medium to the greatest extent. Visual appeal surpasses reading. Visual ads consist of banners, posters, brochures and pamphlets. While descriptive content about the products occupies a major portion of the latter two types, images play an important role in influencing customers. Real life photographs have a unique and unmatched appeal. Imagine a colorful picture of a peacock painted by an expert artist; it does not come anywhere near a photograph of a peacock. With technology available at fingertips, product photography has become a field of research and innovation and has set its foot firmly in the arena of marketing. A camera can be used for capturing minute details like the threads of a screw to panoramic views of landscapes. Naturally, when e-commerce is at sway, it relies heavily on product photography. Product photography is a branch of commercial photography. It presents the image of a product attractively and accurately. It is mainly used for preparing catalogs and brochures but also finds limited use in visual ads.

Some principles of product photography

  • It is important to get quality photographs of your products because people remember 80% of what they see. You are likely to lose some valuable customers if you do not take product photography seriously!
  • You cannot compromise on quality. Your photography skills are of no use if you do not have proper equipment. Use of latest technology and best equipment are important factors. You need the most advanced cameras, lenses, lighting and other equipment to achieve the highest visual content.
  • The number of images to portray one product has to be worked out. It depends to some extent on the kind of product. If the product is a complicated machine, you will need several close shots to showcase the internal parts. However, it is not advisable to stuff too many photos in a website gallery. If there are several products, keep a uniform number of photos for each product, but not too many.
  • If a product comes in different colours and styles, include one sample of each. If it is a garment, include an image of it in addition to someone wearing it. This gives a complete picture so that customers do not have to stretch their imagination and visualize how it will look.
  • The image must highlight the benefits of the product. For example, showing a shampoo bottle along with someone having long, soft and wavy hair.
  • Let the product images look appealing. Use lighting, shades, colours and Photoshop for bring about the best results. is a one-stop solution for product photographs for advertising, exhibitions, brochures and catalogues. We make use of best cameras and equipment, advanced lighting techniques and appropriate lenses to achieve the best high definition images that are bound to impress viewers. Our cameras can catch details from pin points to sky-scrapers.

Remember, whatever your product, the better it looks the better it will sell.

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