Build your Visual Corporate Image with Industrial Photoshoot

Just as an individual identity and image is important, a corporate image is important for an organization. An image is not just what others think about you but also about how you perceive yourself. Employees identify themselves proudly with organizations with a good corporate image. In this digital age, corporate image of a company relies heavily on images and photographs. It is possible to build a positive, attractive and genuine corporate image through a series of appropriate photographs shot during a planned industrial photoshoot. A corporate image offers identity, credibility and value to an organization.

Industrial photography is carried out with a definite purpose and well-defined objectives. Hence, the images shot are not random but carefully planned and specific. Here is all that can be part of industrial photography:

  • Manufacturing plant, building, office, layout of workplace unit
  • The staff as a whole and important personnel, staff in a department
  • People at work in the workshop, office etc.
  • Location, garden, landscape that gives an idea about environment protection by the company
  • Actual products, machinery from all angles, including details
  • Products in use in the right context
  • Business meetings and corporate events including parties
  • Visits to other sister concern or business tours
  • Visits by guests

All these different types of images together help to create a corporate image of an organization. They not only give a general overview but also afford a glimpse into the environment related, employment related policies of the organization. Besides these photographic images, there are other things like logos, brand names, symbols etc. that contribute in building a corporate image. For example, the saffron colour is associated with BOB and the bank gets a special identity. While engaging in industrial photography, the photographers should take care to match other identity factors with the photographs like colours, symbols and logos.

industrial photoshoot

Industrial photoshoot uses

  • In annual reports
  • Books and magazines and newspapers
  • Display boards
  • Advertising media
  • Websites
  • Powerpoint presentations
  • Exhibitions
  • Brochures and catalogues
  • Campaigns
  • Technical manuals

Industrial photography is both outdoor and indoor. It is a diverse phenomenon.  It reflects the aesthetic as well as technical aspects of industry. How a company or an organization presents itself in society matters in its success. The image presented depends to a great extent on the quality of industrial photography. Industrial photography is a specialized field.

Industrial photography is a challenging task. Taking photographs in companies is quite different from shooting in a well-equipped studio where you can manipulate light, darkness, shades and shadows as you will. There is nothing attractive in the objects that are photographed in industrial photography; hence, the photographer has to make the picture look attractive and nice. He must possess technical knowledge essential for touching up, sizing, cropping and modifying subtle parts of the completed photograph before finalizing it!!! in Pune specializes in Industrial Photoshoot. You provide a brief introduction of what you need and the firm will give you excellent results with valuable creative inputs. We provide high-quality ready-to-use images whether they are for print or internet. The costs are reasonable. We have deep understanding of industrial factors and we go into the minute details to portray a truthful picture and attractive outlook.